Our Philosophical Frameworks

The heart of ELMS Sports Foundation’s philosophy lies in passion for self-excellence, respect for human values and pro-activity in fostering a culture of physical literacy. Our philosophical framework/guiding principles may serve as a blueprint for any High-Performance Sports Management endeavours, sports ethics and responsibility towards a healthy and fit community.

  1. To empower children through Physical Literacy.
  2. To promote Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and thus enable in the mapping, retention and nurturing of talent.
  3. Enable in the strategic policy planning process and administration that underpins the development of successful national High-Performance Sports development systems.
  4. To integrate Human Values to enhance the learning experience.

Value education (Naitik-Shiksha)

At ELMS Sports Foundation, we believe that understanding the individual as a co-existence of self and body is at the heart of all education.

Developing the right understanding about oneself and rest of reality through self-exploration and realization of the inherent co-existence, harmony and self-regulation at various levels in existence is seen to be real basis for imbibing universal human values and ethical human conduct.

Value education forms the foundation of our initiative:

  • It is holistic and not fragmented
  • Addresses the “self”
  • Closely associated to life and living
  • Methodology facilitates understanding than just rote learning
Value education

Self-excellence (Utkarsht-ta)

Self-excellence is one of the most important philosophical foundations for all our work at ELMS Foundation. Our philosophy of self-excellence is based on individuals’ journey of continuous self-improvement and is thus not a destination like winning medals. We believe that by providing the right understanding and learning environment each student is capable of achieving success and realizing their full potential within and beyond the classroom.

We emphasize that "becoming your best" is important than being “better than the competitors”. To this end, we advocate:

  • Teaching the growth mindset - and that no one is perfect, everyone is growing.
  • Emphasizing on effort - give children the opportunities to learn and serve to see the results.
  • Encouraging practice - that helps children connect actions to events that help them repeat results.
  • Preventing the use of competitions as the basis for measuring success.

Enabling Approach

अमंत्रमक्षरं नास्ति नास्ति मूलमनौषधम्‌ ।

अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः॥

There is no sound that is not a mantra, no plant that is not medicinal | There is no person unworthy, what is lacking is an 'enabler' ||

At ELMS, enabling systems and integrating stakeholders remains the key consideration of our approach, solutions, and implementations. Rather than an outsider approach, our focus is to understand theoretical and practical gaps in the ecosystem and enable the stakeholders to address those gaps.

Our team of consultants and experts is united in addressing questions like ‘How do we do it?’, ‘How do we enable people to become active for life?', and 'How can we ensure children in schools and colleges become more confident and participate in physical activities'.

Our enabling approach focuses on:

  • To create and disseminate Indianized formalized knowledge on Physical Literacy amongst all stakeholders in the country
  • To facilitate children's’ holistic development and equip them with the competence to live with Definite Human Conduct through physical activity
  • To create positive and meaningful experiences for everyone which develop the motivation, confidence, and understanding to engage in physical activity for life