Children’s day

Children’s day

Children are the greatest assets of a nation. They are the future of the nation and also the end-users(receivers) of our physical literacy program. A Pre - Children’s Day event was conducted at Zilla Parishad High School, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, by Team ELMS consisting of Aashrita, Zainab and Sruthi on 11th November 2019. It was our first on-ground event with children. The event was conducted to give students the best possible learning experience, through activities based on strength, agility, coordination.

The purpose of conducting the event was to be on the ground and conduct a fun and engaging event for the children, to have the maximum number of students participate in the event, and to conduct games that emphasize on participation rather than winning.

At the beginning of the event, the children were clueless about what was in store for them. The team interacted with the students and teachers in the local language at the beginning of the event and made them comfortable for the event forward.

The team conducted ‘Human count’ as a warm-up activity, followed by a music-based activity, which was also a readiness activity for the next circuit activity.

The next activity was circuits where children were grouped into four groups of 25 each. With the first group having lunges and high knees activity for them. The second group had punches and jacks for their group. The third group doing the spike and crawl activity. The fourth and the last group doing a squat and hold activity.

Then for the cool down after a high-intensity activity, we had an attention-grabbing activity - ‘Simon says’ activity with which the children were already aware.

The next was an ‘Apple Orange Jackfruit’ activity as the last cool-down activity for the children. This allowed the children to relax and calm down.

Then we had feedback from the students with the students sharing their experience with us through the event participating in the activities. The school Principal Mr. Arun Kumar and the school staff expressed thanks and were welcome to more such events from our end in the future. Overall it was a fun-filled day for the students, school staff and us with taking back a memory of experiences.