ELMS Sports Foundation to work with Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal to improve Sports and Fitness in Schools

ELMS Sports Foundation to work with Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal to improve Sports and Fitness in Schools

In September 2018, ELMS Sports Foundation team of experts Dr Amit Malik and Ankita Jain reached out to Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal (KKM) in Kheda district of Gujarat. KKM is a trust which provides better and accessible education, sophisticated healthcare facilities, intensive sports training, essential skill building for equal opportunities, and promotes art and culture amongst people.The objective of this meeting was to develop a shared understanding of the cause and going further strengthen it through synergised  action.

In November 2018, ELMS Sports Foundation team comprising Dr Amit Malik along with Nutrition Consultant Aradhana Sharma again reached out to Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal (KKM). The main objective was to help the KKM trust in their endeavours in building District Level Sports Schools (DLSS), execution of Physical Literacy in their schools and colleges and help them in their community outreach initiatives. Dr Amit Malik advised the core committees of each of these initiatives on setting-up of operational plan and monitoring process and helped them to define timelines and accountability. This also gave the ELMS team a great opportunity to study the system at the grassroots.

Amit Malik through his interaction with different stakeholders at the grassroot level developed a deep understanding of local decision making, community participation and grassroots mobilisation/movements. Dr Malik and nutritionist Aradhana Sharma primarily focused on the on-going Mid-Day Meal Practices supported by Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal (KKM). They tried to understand the health status of these children who were beneficiaries of the Mid-Meal Programme and identified nutrition deficiency patterns. For this purpose they also interacted with the larger community comprising parents and guardians. ELMS supported KKM to pitch mid-day meals as a complementary/supplementary to everyday eating habits.

During this November visit, ELMS Sports Foundation team observed how Physical Education classes were being conducted and how much of it enabled in Physical Literacy of the students. Based on these observations, the ELMS team proposed a strategy consisting of a brief 2-3 hours training of Physical Education teachers to update them with the latest in the field. ELMS team also provided them with an activity schedule to help them with implementation. One orientation session of 1.5 hours was also planned to sensitize them on Physical Literacy.

In May 2019, ELMS Sports Foundation again made an intervention at Kapadwanj. This time, ELMS team of experts comprising Dr Amit Malik, Sindhu Sree and Ankita Jain conducted a one-day Physical Literacy Workshop for teachers, educationists and administrators. During the workshops they addressed the what, why and how of Physical Literacy. The participants responded positively to the sessions. To quote one of the Physical Education teachers, “Thank you so much for the workshop...we really enjoyed and learned a lot. This is quite refreshing...as we are often 'forced' to undertake statutory training sessions that are completely useless and irrelevant to what we do.”