Module One Readiness Workshop held in Bhavnagar

Module One Readiness Workshop held in Bhavnagar

Train the Trainers program, one of the biggest project of its kind in the country in the field of Physical Education, was delivered by ELMS Sports Foundation under the patronage of Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) at Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

The workshop was attended by 150 Physical Education (PE) Teachers from all the 4 zones of Gujarat. This workshop was to get an insight of the PE teachers understanding of sessions covered in the previous workshop and what they would deliver in the sessions as Master Trainers to the other PE Teachers in the next workshop.

The topics covered in the workshop were Role of Education, Self and Body, Lesson Plans, Child Development, and Child Psychology. There were also various workout sessions held for the teachers in attendance.

The above sessions were designed with the following agenda in mind:

  • To help the teachers understand Child Psychology and Child Development
  • To help them to be proactive
  • To encourage every child to participate in physical activity and
  • To facilitate overall growth as a person with values

The PE Teachers executed the learnings from the sessions by creating a sample lesson plan. They then executed it with children who are part of the Bhavnagar Sports Complex and were given constructive feedback by the ELMS Experts at the workshop. The PE Teachers gave an overwhelming response to the workshop with their energy and fruitful insights of their experience and learnings of the workshop.

One of the Master Trainers shared their experience of the workshop by saying, “The workshop was helpful for us to refresh our concepts before we go out and teach it to other teachers.” While another stated “Through the session on Lesson Plans, the workshop gave new ideas like merging two exercises into one and making it interesting, innovative, creative and fun for the students.”

The workshop was also attended by Aman Sharma, Project Manager from Tata Trusts – Sports. During his visit to the workshop he expressed his appreciation to the efforts of the teachers and said that he was glad to be a part of the workshop.

The workshop left the PE Teachers requesting for help in sports science topics like injury management, strategies in sports and understanding a larger number of sports. These requisites will be taken into consideration for the upcoming workshops.

The goal of empowering, encouraging and motivating the PE Teachers with knowledge and skill to get optimal results for their efforts in impacting over 45,000 students was successfully accomplished.

Overall the workshop was a great learning experience for both the sides.