Broadening Horizons- New Initiatives In High Performance And Physical Literacy

Broadening Horizons- New Initiatives In High Performance And Physical Literacy

The October edition of the ELMS Newsletter brings for its readers unique stories about initiatives that have the potential to broaden the horizons of high performance sports and physical literacy in India.

To start with, we share the story about the launch of a unique program on High Performance Leadership Development. The article by Imran Nadaph, Program Manager, throws light on the need, design, and the key implementation aspects of the program.

In this edition, we are also privileged to bring to you the key insights and leadership perspectives by Dr. Roger Jackson, ex-CEO of Canada’s high performance sport agency, Own the Podium. He puts forth a clear roadmap for setting up a national sports plan to help India achieve its Olympic goals. At the same time, leading sports journalist, G. Rajaraman, who attended the High-Performance Leadership Program, shares his experience and learnings from this first-of-its-kind initiative. Staying true to the inclusion philosophy at ELMS, we are really happy to bring an important article on “unified sports” by Special Olympics Bharat in this edition.

And finally, we bring to you the key story about ELMS Sports Foundation’s work on physical literacy; and its achievement wherein it successfully trained more than 10,000 physical education teachers across India.

If you have a story to share and would like to contribute to future editions of our newsletter, please reach out to us at We look forward to hearing from you. Happy reading!