Public Private Partnerships

What is Public-Private Partnerships?

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), is a collaborative engagement between a government agency and the private sector for the purpose of system development leveraging strengths of each other.

In India areas of public policy in which PPPs have been implemented include infrastructure development, public transportation, and healthcare and education.

Public-Private Partnership in Sports

Public Private Partnership for sports development in India is limited owing to a lack of standardised guidelines and incentives for states to integrate PPP into their sports policies — resulting in funding constraints.

However, in recent times the Khelo India Scheme of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports lays an increased focus on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode. It states that grants-in-aid will be provided for establishment, operation and maintenance of sports academies in respect of identified disciplines to Sports Authority of India, State Governments or to private sector or sports person under Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode for facilitating and supplementing Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programme (for 8 years).

The Way Forward

For India’s athletes to perform well both nationally and internationally, steps need to be taken in tandem by the government and the private sector to focus on short-term goals while keeping an eye on the end game. Public Private Partnership (PPP) best serves this cause. It can be mutually beneficial and helpful partnership.

ELMS Sports Foundation in PPP

ELMS Sports Foundation’s Public-Private Partnership programme aims to improve the overall training experience for the athletes as well as the coaches by complementing with processes/standards, best people (sports science, high performance, nutrition, psychology and others) and technology. It complements Government’s academies and other sports bodies to improve training system by developing mechanisms and frameworks where all stakeholders are involved in creating a change for the better. While the ELMS initiative is structured around the athlete training and development approach, it is for each academy or institute to decide on the speed and trajectory dependent on the its respective vision, with ELMS Sports Foundation playing the role of an enabler.

ELMS & SAG Public-Private Partnership

ELMS Sports Foundation (ELMS) has entered into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) to financially support and provide expertise to create a plan of action to take the existing Sports Complex at Nadiad and turn it into a high performance center.

ELMS team of various experts together assessed the current scenario of Nadiad Academy in the May of 2017. Based on their analysis, technical and management gaps were identified and a plan of action called as: “High Performance Plan (HPP)” was drafted by the “High Performance Committee (HPC)”. HPC comprises of stake holders from SAG, top management from ELMS and on ground High performance Manager.

The High Performance Plan sketched by HPC focuses on the following components to help create an ecosystem conducive to creating consistent high performing athletes from the academy:

  1. Administration
  2. Common Infrastructure and Equipment
  3. Process and Technology
  4. Athlete Management
  5. Sports Science
  6. Sports Coaching
  7. Sports Specific Infrastructure and Coaching
  8. High Performance Sports Consultant
  9. Physiotherapists
  10. Sports Psychologists
  11. Nutritionists

The Academy at Nadiad has the ELMS management, SAG Administration and Global experts working in tandem to develop Nadiad Sports complex into a High Performance Sports Center that’ll produce champions that are a product of a system and not dependent on a particular set of people.

ELMS provides the support in the form of an expatriate High Performance Sports Consultant, Physiotherapists, Sports Psychologists, Nutritionists, two managers to work with the SAG team in the academy to raise performance standards.

People and Achievements

The academy currently trains athletes in 7 different disciplines – athletics, archery, fencing, judo, taekwondo, volley ball & wrestling. It has also been accredited by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) for training Khelo India athletes. As on date, there are a total of 277 athletes across 7 sports disciplines (179 at the District academy and 98 through the Khelo India scheme) at the academy.

Since the date of entering into the PPP, the academy has won the following medals:

Nadiad Academy 2017-18
Sr. No Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 ARCHERY 4 3 2 9
2 ATHLETICS 1 2 2 5
3 FENCING 0 0 7 7
4 JUDO 8 8 6 22
5 TAEKWONDO 0 0 2 2
6 VOLLEYBALL 0 0 13 13
7 WRESTLING 0 3 4 7
Total 13 16 36 65
Nadiad Academy 2018-19
Sr. No Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 ARCHERY 1 2 2 5
2 ATHLETICS 3 10 8 21
3 FENCING 2 2 7 11
4 JUDO 16 7 10 33
5 TAEKWONDO 0 3 5 8
6 VOLLEYBALL 0 7 4 11
7 WRESTLING 0 5 1 6
Total 22 36 37 95
Nadiad Academy International Medals 2018-19
Sr. No Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 ARCHERY 0 1 0 1
2 ATHLETICS 0 1 1 2
3 FENCING 0 1 0 1
4 JUDO 5 2 0 7
5 TAEKWONDO 0 0 0 0
6 VOLLEYBALL 0 1 0 1
7 WRESTLING 0 0 0 0
Total 5 6 1 12